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AGPHARM BIOINNOVATIONS LLP (AGPBI) is a biotechnology start-up with a vision “Science towards sustainable development of life”, was incorporated in December 2018. The company is promoted by faculty from Thapar Institute having expertise in the area of biotechnology and management, alumnus from SPJIMR (Mumbai), BIT (Mesra) and Banasthali Vidyapeeth (Rajasthan). The company is oriented in providing biotechnology-based solutions, and cost-effective products in the area of Agriculture, Food and Health. Our portfolio entails cost effective products to enhance the post-harvest shelf life of fruits and vegetables, grains with an intent to keep them fresh from farm till fork, providing greener alternatives for crop protection i.e. biopesticides and developing novel interventions which can overcome  antimicrobial resistance  of drugs, herbal medicines or biobased antimicrobials for their prospective use as sanitizers, disinfectants as well as topical medicines.


AGPHARM BIOINNOVATIONS LLP envisions to be a leading national as well as international player in agri-biotech, food security and healthcare solutions providing innovative products and technologies which are sustainable, cost effective and environment friendly.


AGPHARM BIOINNOVATIONS LLP is engaged in developing sustainable technological solutions and products involving research and development in biotechnology and allied areas to enhance food security and ensure human safety from diseases to improve overall quality of life.



AGPHARM BIOINNOVATIONS is a innovation driven company which is oriented to use science for sustainable life. AGPBI envisages the research and development of new eco-friendly, organic  as well as cost effective interventions by exploitation of microbial and plant diversity for sustainable living, addressing the needs primarily Food, Agriculture and Pharma sectors.

Product Portfolio and IPR

AGPHARM BIOINNOVATIONS LLP is involved in development of innovative products and technologies for the protection of crops from pests i.e. bio-pesticides, enhancing the shelf life of farm produce as well as processed foods by using non-residual natural products of plant and microbial origin (bio-preservatives and food security); screening novel bioactive compounds for use in pharmaceutical as well as agrochemical sectors by developing novel target based assays.


A novel formulation which produces volatile antibiotics which enhances the shelf life of fruits and vegetables at the farm end as well as in the agribusiness supply chain.

Crop Protection

(Biopesticides /BCA’s)

We developed bioactive formulation of metabolites which effectively controls global weeds and reduce huge agricultural losses. The formulation does not require.

Antimicrobials Herbal Formulation

(Plant extracts/ botanicals/ Herbal formulations) 

These are mono-herbal formulations which are effective against multidrug resistant infectious microorganisms. These are safer as derived from a plant originally used as.


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