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Plant extracts have been used as medicines for thousands of years.  More than 33% of medicines used today have their origins from flowering plants. The exploration and exploitation of plants has been accelerated in the recent past in  finding out more safer and effective entities which could be used as drugs as compared to pure synthetic compounds. Botanists, phytochemists,  microbiologists, ethnopharmacologists are combing the Earth in search of novel phytochemicals as well as polyherbal extracts which could be effectively used  as anti-infective agents to overcome the phenomenon of Antimicrobial Drug Resistance (ADR).

Antimicrobial resistance has taken a global toll with majority of the members of the antimicrobial armamentarium losing activity against these “Super bugs” which are responsible for chronic and life threatening infections. SCS4 and SCS7 are mono-herbal formulations which are effective against multidrug resistant infectious microorganisms derived from the plant Callistemon rigidus. These formulations are more effective than the second and third generation antibiotics and can be used as topicals very effectively apart from development of new drugs.

This may be effectively used as topical creams, as constituents of sanitizers and cleansers to eradicate harmful organisms (Indian Patent Granted)