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Farmers contribute more than 18% to the India’s economy while engaging nearly 50% of the country’s workforce. In spite being the 2nd largest producer of Fruits & Vegetables (F&V’s) in the world, India loses 40-45% due to wastage arising out of improper storage conditions and short shelf life of the produce. Though slew of measures have been adopted for the development of farming sector and for the farmers but still post-harvest losses (PHL) remains the most critical issue associated with food security for today and future.

AGPBI has developed novel product which produces non-residual entities/ natural products which enhance the shelf life of fruits and vegetables at the farm end as well as across the agribusiness supply chain (Indian Patent Filed). The solution developed by AGPBI is an eco-friendly /organic intervention which is cost-effective and recyclable.



Our product has exhibited promising result in enhancing the shelf life of Strawberry’s, Grapes, Apples, Mandarins and Tomatoes under laboratory conditions. Our solution dwells on three A’s-Affordability, Availability and Accessibility for the small and medium holding farmers. We are looking forward for pilot trials of this product on selected F&V’s.

For further information write to us : sanjaisaxena@agpharmbioinnovations.com